Who We Are

A Generation for A Better Africa is a registered Non-Governmental Organization located in Wakiso District in Uganda.


To promote sustainable Peace and development in Africa, through core values of participation, accountability, integrity, teamwork, transparency and humanity.


AGABA intends to empower youths to reach out to communities and engage with people at grass roots with focus on the women considering their key role in raising children or society by extension.


To address the root causes of violence and its effects among communities through raising awareness on issues of Human Rights, Unemployment, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDs, drug abuse among communities

To empower young people through skills development for self-help and empowerment in a bid to improve livelihoods through learning practical job skills and engaging marginalized youth in poverty eradication programs.

To promote youth participation in the promotion and implementation of government policies, Laws and Programs( PLPs) that affect the youth and their education and help to take action through Advocacy campaigns.

To promote effective implementation of community oriented programs in the field of education, conflict resolution and peace building through networking with government agencies and community actors to ensure that the youth and community understand the importance harmonious living.

To promote education,  rights and welfare of vulnerable children through establishing and supporting community schools and partner institutions in under-privileged communities.