Our Top Mission…

is to help the youth and bring them a better life.

AGABA Programs

AGABA’s main interventions are within the following strategic program areas:

Generations are dynamic so is their needs. Capacity building for the youth is therefore vital investment for a better future. Only the youth can make deference tomorrow. Violence at family level threatens the heart of social existence that has to be salvaged. It is in this regard that addressing the behaviour of communities that constitute their immediate environment is the best way forward. Emphasis ought to be made on morals including cultural values that nature best practice. Respect for human rights and good governance are practices that with no substitute but to be upheld as matter of culture. Otherwise a none violent conduct is the dream and main objective of A Generation for A Better Africa.

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Human Rights and Good Governance

Enhancing local capacities in rights-based approaches, participatory resource-monitoring and budget tracking to empower youths in communities to demand, participate in and monitor development programs within their localities.


Conflict Transformation and Peace Education

AGABA addresses the root causes of violence and its effects on communities by preventing, managing and transforming conflict.

Training, Research, Documentation and Networking with key Partners and Stakeholders

awareness and to disseminate information to influence opinions and positively affect attitudes.

Child care and support program

AGABA promotes education, rights and welfare of orphans and vulnerable children through its established community schools and partner institutions in under-privileged communities.

Youth entrepreneurship and job skills’ training

AGABA works to empower young people through skills development for self-help and employment. The programme is intended to improve livelihoods through learning practical job skills and engaging marginalized youth in poverty eradication programmes.

Environment, sanitation, health and agricultural development

AGABA promotes awareness raising and youth involvement in tailor-made initiatives to address climate change, health, HIV/AIDS prevention, sanitation and agriculture.

How we help

Empowered the Girl Child

Empowering The Girl Child is AGABA’s alternative education program that allows young women and girls, generally 12-25 years of age, to access education and livelihood opportunities learn about their human rights and to cultivate leadership skills. 


Done campaigns that to enable African Youths understand and accept their responsibility in society and know that they are the future of their own states and that everything they do now affects them and their communities.

Provide Support

Provided support through facilitating games


Promoted awareness of HIV/AIDs and Sexually Transmitted Diseases among youths and the community at large.