A Generation for A Better Africa.

A Generation for A Better Africa.

International Youth Day

International Youth day with us.


We cleaned the community of katwe so we could improve and empower this vulnerable community.We are oneyouth oneheart and we hoped we could make a difference as we celebrated our international youth day.


we take this opportunity to thank every youth and person who came for our cleaning event.On behalf of our development partners we do appreciate the great work youths are doing to strengthen youth civic engangement in communities.Lets work to improve our nation as one.We and our dev’t partners in our innitiative of Oneyouth Oneheart are looking forward to empowering all youths in the nation and we looking forward to bridging the gap among the local youths and youths from different nationalities.United we stand to make a great difference and to promote Sustainable peace and dev’t in the globe.Thank you OPM OFFICE,UNHCR and INTERAID aswell as ONEYOUTH ONEHEART..Network.We are setting up innovative community hubs to empower social entreprenuers lets work together to make this world a better place#Dreaminspirechange

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