Being a young African girl


The seeds of womanhood are swan in every African girl at a tender age. But how helpfull are those seeds in todays world and generation. In 100% of African societies have the same perspective of a woman’s destiney, which is to grow up, get married, take care of her husband and children and the house(which is her home) the duty of who puts food on the table of the family is a man’s responsibility. It is so disappointing that up to this day a number of african societies still carry that view of a woman in todays world. And it hurts when one moves to a flat in the middle of the city and find that a young girl knows how to dig, wash clothes and dishes and yet she can not write or even read her own name, shame on Africa. It is not bad to know how to do house chores and that is a good thing, but in a world like today where there washing machines and dish washers plus other gardening tools in existence,  I think knowing how to write and read one’s name is a priority. I met a young girl running out of school while her friends continued to study and she told me she had to run to home to help her mother wash dishes or else she would be beaten. Really!! women have gone ahead to cripple there girls more than empower them. I once heard a mother telling her child that she had to go to the farm before she headed to school, the girl answered her that she was late and the dear mother told her that ” For us we did not go to school but we managed to grow up and raise you children, since we did not die, u will also not die.” I was shocked by such barbaric thoughts in a woman’s brain. So I think its high time that some traditions of Africa should not determine our futures as women because they only destroy us and make us unready to face the new world were civilization is so powerful that if you are not prepared for it you might suffer. I understand that culture is what defines us as Africans but when tradition becomes a weakness instead of strength to our progress then we will be justified to do away with it am sure the ancestors will be glad to see us develop and progress than see us suffer and lose in the name of tradition and culture. Its high time we empower the girl child with education and give them the chance to dream big and fit in the new generation

By Atuhairwe Hope

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