Talent Development(sports)

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This project was established to support regional youths archieve their goals in life and also be encouraged to develop their talent in sports.


  • Support a high quality daily training environment for youth in Wakiso district
  • Facilitate regional sports access to high quality coaching and support specialist services
  • Support the access and participation in high level competition for talented regional sports men
  • To build sustainability of the regional Talent development network through alignment and inclusion in the strategic planning of key regional stake holders. These include:-
  1. Schools
  2. Village sports teams
  3. Local government
  4. Regional civil societies
  • To keep young people engaged doing something constructive which will enable stay away from crime, for an idol mind is a devil’s workshop
  • Promote physical fitness and health of the youth, as it is well known that sports keeps both the body and mind fit and healthy.
  • AGABA also supports the sports men with equipment/uniform and also resources like water and glucose during their tournament that would be help by other organizations. This is to encourage and promote the culture of sports in Uganda.
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