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The Rural Comprehensive Health Project, is AGABA’s intiative to work among the rural poor and marginalized. mainly to bring healthcare to the poorest of the poor, RCHP has become an initiative that empowers people and communities to eliminate injustices through integrated efforts in health and development. RCHP works by mobilizing and building the capacity of communities to achieve access to comprehensive development and freedom from stigma, poverty, and disease. Pioneering a comprehensive approach to community-based primary healthcare, RCHP intends to be a leading programme in public health and development in rural communities in Masindi and Uganda as a whole.

RCHP is intended to promote service provision that directly impact the people of Masindi. Currently one of the activities of the RCHP is to lobby and collect funds for ambulances that will enable transportation of patients(mostly pregnant women) from their homes to the healthy centres in need of emergencies. The other is to provide bedding facilities like matresses and blankents to health centres in masindi district for the well-being of the patients.

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