Agriculture in Uganda

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Agriculture Uganda.

AGABA also participates in promoting agriculture in Uganda which is the main source of income in Uganda for so many common people as the country is blessed with fertile soils.


Many young people in Uganda remain unemployed waiting to seek for white color jobs. This kind of attitude has led to an increased rate in poverty and crime. However AGABA encourages youths to participate in Agriculture as a source of income as it has proved to pay off more than most jobs if carried out properly.

AGABA together with other organizations like ST Joseph’s initiative and other Agricultural companies like Hangzou Agro-chemical limited have worked together to teach farmers in rural areas the best methods of farming available and also provided seeds and capital to start farming, and also guidance and monitoring progress that could help them get both quality and quantitative products from their hard work.


Young people have managed to get employment, working on farms and also others have started owning their own.

The crime rate in rural areas has decreased as young people have become busy working on their farms instead of being idle and gambling

Farmers now can benefit from their own products as a market for their products most especially maize grain has been provided for by St Joseph’s Initiative and with this they can at least provide basic needs for their families and also beneficiaries.

Due to this program, there has been increased food production in these areas and in the country mostly from the western part of Uganda which is supplied to the neighboring countries like Sudan and hunger and famine is the least of Uganda’s worries.

Africa has been blessed with good fertile soils and a climate that could support agriculture in which world be the biggest supplier of row materials for different manufacturing industries and also food producing companies and industries. This project if well monitored and guided could lead to the development of Africa socially and economically improving the welfare and livelihood of people.

AGABA and ST Josephs Intitiative promoting maize growing.  teaching farmers morder methods of farming.  AGABA and Hangzou group of companies promoting Agriculture in western Uganda.  20140604_104735